June 21st 2008

Brick's 4x4 Farm

Trucks Gone Wild special event

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Glen and his wittle Blazer on 44 Boggers

Tim's Bronco on 44`s and Rockwells

CJ and his Jeep

Brakes dont work...quick open the doors to slow us down

Who left the hammer in my seat?,,,,,,,Wasn't me!!!

Yawn!! I need my own truck.....


Vrooom Vroom

One more beer...just one and I will do it.

How bout someone come over here and help me pick up these Ford parts!!!!

Lawn Service? I think you have your blade to low...

CJ chillen

Big Pimpin

Bateman lost his truck.....

Man oh man...that is just so wrong.

Broke the transfer case adapter.

This came from front driveline being to short

I dont know if it got in a bind and

couldnt slide back together or

if the driveshaft hit something and caused the damage

Shaft stressed

Time to replace

Input shaft will have to be replaced.

The Advanced Adapters kit I bought requires replacement of the input anyway.

Nothing 600.00 wont fix.....not including driveline length changes and other odds and ends.



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