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CB Equipment

  Pine Bluff Arkansas


Contact can be made on the forum or by email.

Email me @

     These items are for sale, as it would be a headache to keep this page updated completely I ask that anyone interested contact me by email or pm me on the forum

 The radios listed run anywhere from 35.00 to 125.00 (there will be some exceptions from time to time for higher end equipment) Amplifiers you will need to inquire for prices. They are all peaked and tested. No brackets are included unless I just happen to have them laying around. I can however order them and any other item you need. I keep some things in stock but not everything. I repair CB equipment. I will work on your broken equipment also, and do accept trade ins for my equipment (this includes working and non-working equipment). I will also ship, if necessary. If you need anything radio related please ask, I will be happy to order it for you or tell you how to order it yourself. This is another one of my hobbies and I would love for everyone to have a CB Radio to enjoy. I run channel 28, if you are on the radio give me a shout I may be listening. My handle is Sport.