These are the events that we have

attended. Some are local mud rides, others

are car shows or major events in other states.

Check them out.

Let us know if you plan to have a event

 and would like MudStruck to be a

part of it.

Rides highlighted in orange are the newest additions.

The old pictures will be available soon in a new archived section.

Click the locations name for the main page on giving a description of the park or area.



February 2012

December 2010

February 2008 

October 2009

March 2009

December 2008

September 2009

Oglesby Mud Farm

October 2012






Red River Mud Bog

January 2012 

January 2010

January  2009

April 2008

January 2008

January 2007

JD Farms Mud Park

November 2012






Superlift ORV Park


July 2008

November 2008



Springfield Missouri


O` Reilly's 4 Wheel Jamboree 2004

O` Reilly's 4 Wheel Jamboree 2005

O` Reilly's 4 Wheel Jamboree 2007

 O` Reilly's 4 Wheel Jamboree 2008  

Brick's 4x4 Farm   

   Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Trucks Gone Wild event 6-21-08

Trucks Gone Wild event 6-13-09



Louisiana Mud Fest


April 10th 2010





We visit Gravel Pit Road

Gravel Pit Road 02-14-2002  






H&J Hunting Club Poker Run

March 2009 







Monticello Speedway

February 2008






Star City Arkansas

Star City 2005 "Little Garnett" 











Mitchell Lake

Grapevine Mud Ride 2001  

Grapevine Mud Ride 2005







Bobby's Back Yard

Bobby's (Princeton Pike, or HW 190) Jan, 1st 2005

Bobby's (Princeton Pike, or HW 190) Jan, 1st 2006  















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