Monkey has contributed

by providing pictures from several of the rides. I for one appreciate all he has

done for Mudstruck.

He has several projects he plans to conquer, but for right now his Jeep keeps

him playing. Here are some pictures of him playing in his Jeep. I will

update this page soon with more pictures and information as he provides them.




Monkey @ Sport's Bog 12-14-08



Click the pictures for larger images.

Paintballin Professional.

Think he wants to shoot someone?

Discussing why he shot them.

Discussing why he would do it again....

Man, I am stiff. Who knew paintball was a contact sport?

Looking cool..

Taking a dip at the Ashley Rd. ride.

Ok...more like a drink..

Baja Claws work in the mud...

Glub...Glub...yea it runs on water..err I mean in water.

At Sports place...he aint skeered.

It cools faster with the hood up??

Oh I remember now....he was proving that it did indeed have a engine.

He wants his 5.00 from Greg, he won it fair and square on the engine bet. Greg didnt want to pay up...

Back in the water and dodging the stumps.

Deciding on what to do next....it wasnt very muddy that day.

Hmmm....no wonder from the looks of the "steam" following him he was drying it up as fast as he could.

Hey....the gravity from his Jeep sucked that little Jeep right in there too.

Looks like a collision....but it weren't...lol

Pull dang it.....aw ta heck with it...anyone got a Dodge?

Dang Fords and Kubotas...they pulled my starter in two..

Ok...these guys look awful guilty.

Monkey sitting back waiting for the traffic to clear.

That thing is so fast it got out of the camera shot before they could snap a picture.

Hmmmm....wonder if he had a sinking feeling?

Little ...big...and bigger...

I think a surf board with a stump grinder would have been a better pick for this place.

Almost looks like B-boat is chasing Monkey...I think he is getting away.


Here a stump there a stump.....ha ha ha I missed the stumps...

Nice....the rock guys say its more fun to stay clean.

At the park with friends...

Do you really have to do this everywhere you go....is it Chevy powered? ha ha ha

Come get in and lets ride......

See this is the kind of guy Monkey is, he doesn't mind helping folks out when he can.....now those other two guys...that isnt sweat its rain.

His Jeep looking purty at Superlift Off Road Park

Making his way down one of the trails in Hot Springs

Ah Ha he found some mud in a rock crawling park....that right there is why he and I get along so good..

Monkey says "ok you guys are going to far"

Hey...did I mention that yall are going to far??

Slipping up through the trails at Superlift Park.

Hey where did that mud come from...great now these rock crawler guys wont ever talk to me.

Heading out for a guided tour by CJ.

There is a drop off over here...and a mountain over there....and you want me to do what??



Click here to see Monkeys project vehicles.





Monkey is getting ready for his Rockwell build......



His Office

Rockwell Explosion....lol

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