Sport changing the 2wd shaft to 4wd in his TH400.

             Advance Adapters kit Ford NP205to Th400.

 These pictures are what I took when I

changed the output shaft in my TH400 to a 2wd

version from the 4wd one. This shaft is not included

 in the kit, so if you plan to do this conversion do yourself

 a favor and pick up a 2wd TH400.


Click the pictures for larger images.


Good reason to always use the flexplate cover.

Muddy bellhousing.

If you ever wondered why your front seal started leaking or why your starter ceased to work. (Puller) This picture may give you a clue.

Small amount of clutch material.

This isnt to bad.

Another shot.

I will clean all this out before I resinstall the pan.

Bell housing cleaned up.

It is a good idea to clean it up to keep anything from falling in the transmission while you are pulling and replacing the shaft.

Pan off.

Filter and valve body exposed.

Valve body bolts removed.

I pulled the bolts from the valve body along with the bracket that holds the park lock in place.

Valve body gasket plate.

This is the gaskets and plat that came with the B&M transpak I installed when I built the transmission. They recommend that you replace the gaskets when you do this. I aint a gunna. I will let you know how it turns out.

Steel ball locations.

If you look closely you can see the steel check balls. Be very careful not to lose them. Try to remember where they came from so you wont be lost when replacing them.

Servo removed and lock bolt removed.

Dont forget to remove the lock bolt that holds one of the drums in place. Also remember when putting the clutch drums back in that you line that bolt hole up or you will be pulling the front pump and drums back out to do so.

I use slide hammers.

I have a couple of slide hammers I use to pull the front pump. It is a lot easier than any other way I have tried.

Pump removed

See no problem ha ha.

Starting to remove the clutch drum.

Since I am not going to rebuild it I wont go into the proper name for all parts. If you want that buy a rebuild manual. I am just pulling everything to change the output shaft.

Front pump.

Removed and set to the side.

All of the shafts and drums removed.

It is simple to remove these as you pull them you will see the snap rings around the case. I got in to big of a hurry to take details pictures on disassembly.

Down inside the TH400.

Everything removed and ready to slide the new shaft in.

The 4wd shaft thats being replaced.

I know it looks like it has been cut with a torch. Thats because it has. This was originally a 2wd shaft. Its had half the spline cut of for use in the 4wd application. No. I did not do it.

The 2wd shaft.

This is the one I need for the new kit to work. Just remove the snap ring on the drum place this shaft on and reinstall the snap ring.

Putting it back together.

The bottom bushing is held in place with vasoline while I slid the input shaft in.

Slide the clutchs in.

Line up the notches and slide the clutchs back in.

The top plate is held in by a snap ring.

This plate will only fit one way. Reinstall the snap ring in its original location. Make sure the clutches are laying flat and not hung up at a angle.

Reistalling the check balls.

I know I jumped around but the battery on the camera went dead and I had to give it a quick charge. I will do better nect time.

Valve body reinstall.

Valve body bolted on.

All finished up and ready for the pan.